A 2019 Discussion with God…

So, God and I are pretty familiar with one another. For certain, He knows me, because He made me. I know Him because I have been living with His presence all of my life, although I received Christ and started build a personal relationship with him in my mid-20s. So as far as my human... Continue Reading →

A Chapter Ends, A New Chapter Begins… Putting the Puzzle Together

I have always been active in my faith. Attending a local church congregation, participating in a variety of ways through serving, fellowship and eventually leadership. As my career in early education was growing, I was simultaneously becoming engaged in lay-ministry work with NO ambition of ever becoming professional in ministry. But as you've already read... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I am a product of all that I have seen, heard, and experienced over the past 50 years. A native Midwesterner, I  have definitely been "shaped" by a societal paradigm that includes hard work, perseverance, educational achievement, and no fear of jumping in! As woman of color, born into a family... Continue Reading →

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